Product development consultancy


You sometimes ask yourself questions like:

Is my product idea realistic or viable?

How can I relate this idea to a designer?

Who could ever be interested in this product?

Who can help develop my idea into a realistic product?

How much will it cost to actualize this?

How can I source for a manufacturer to help out?

How can I get my product to the market and make good sales and profit?

We have the answers. We are here to help you all the way!

Product development cycle has evolved from design>build>test>fix where physical prototypes are built and tested into design>analyze>test>build. By using Digital Prototyping, the need for building multiple physical prototypes and then testing them to see if they will work has been eliminated. We conduct digital testing instead. We determine product’s performance by performing simulations in early stages of the product development cycle. By this, failure is avoided during testing or manufacturing process.

We also use Digital Prototyping to create photo-realistic renderings and animations of products prior to manufacturing with the goal of improving communication with investors, cutting development time and costs, getting products to market faster, and facilitating product innovation.

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