You can build Solar panels at half the cost


The technology behind solar panels is made accessible to every one at a reasonable  cost. Today I am sharing  a new  and  more cost effective way to  reduce the cost on solar panels by half. If you are bold enough you could make your very own solar panel . The budget you have for a 80 watt solar panel could make you a 160 watt panel. All you need are

  1. Diy solar cells
  2. Boss  wires
  3. Tab  wires
  4. Alcohol or flux pen
  5. Resin
  6. Hardner/catalyst
  7. Plex glass/Heat treated glass
  8. Soldering Iron
  9. Solder
  10. Fastners
  11. Pure wood /Combined with Aluminum

1-3 can  be bought on  while others can be gotten locally. I have a full video on YouTube to get you started. Later videos will teach you how  to reduce battery  cost by 80%.

Watch the video below, leave a comment and subscribe to the channel for more interesting videos.

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