The SurfacePad is a sleek leather folio for the iPhone X


Accessory manufacturer TwelveSouth has released a version of its SurfacePad case for the iPhone X. The SurfacePad is a folio style leather case that provides both front and back protection for the iPhone X, along with two card slots on the cover flap. Unlike other folio cases, the SurfacePad is thin and lightweight, though it won’t provide much protection from drops, as it doesn’t cover the top, bottom, or side of the phone. You can get it in black, brown, or blue for $49.99 direct from TwelveSouth.

I’ve been using the SurfacePad on my iPhone X for about a day, and while it’s better than other folio cases I’ve tested in the past, which were unusably bulky, it’s far from perfect. The leather is soft and supple and should patina well over time, but it has a strong chemical smell that hasn’t dissipated yet. The inner lining of the case is a soft, suede-like material, and the two card slots are loose enough to make it getting a card in and out of them easy, but not so loose that the card falls out on its own.


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