Sony made a 300+ piece coding kit for kids to bring blocky robots to life


Sony is getting into the STEM education game with KOOV, a coding kit containing more than enough sensors, actuators, and electronic parts to bring blocky Minecraft-like robots to life.

It’s the first US launch from Sony’s Global Education division, which already found success with KOOV in Japan and China last year. Sony ran an Indiegogo campaign to bring the robotics kit stateside last June, but the campaign just missed its goal of $100,000, ending at 98% fulfilled. That hasn’t stopped Sony though, which is determined to teach kids by focusing on selling an Educator Kit to schools.

Designed for kids ages eight and up, the Educator Kit contains over 300 building blocks and 30 hours of educational STEAM curriculum to teach kids Scratch, an introductory programming language on the KOOV app to control the robots they build. There’s 23 different robots you can make using pre-coded “Robot Recipes”, which are jumping-off points for kids to use those skills to build their own original robots. The KOOV app also includes class management software, and works on Windows, MacOS, and iOS, with Chromebook support to come


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